When the summer heat starts to get too hot, withstanding direct sun exposure on your terrace can be difficult or even impossible. The purchase of a large terrace awning, whether motorised or manual, is the solution adopted by an increasing number of private individuals to create good shade and to be able to continue enjoying their garden 4×8 grow tent yield. But how do you choose among the many existing models?

Why buy an awning or a garden canopy?

The awning has very practical features that more than justify the investment:

The large awning fabric, often made of polyester or acrylic, acts as a real heat shield that reflects most of the sun’s rays and heat during the hottest hours of the day. Its installation is especially recommended if you want your children to be able to play outside in maximum safety.

Similar to what happens with a gallery, the installation of an electric awning creates a new transition space between the interior and the exterior of the house, which causes a sensation of increased living area.

Dimensions and orientation of the awning

In order to enjoy optimum protection against the harmful effects of the sun, it is advisable to favour a terrace awning or canopy with a length, if not longer, at least equal to that of the surface to be covered: in this way, you will enjoy wider and, above all, more lasting shade throughout the day, since, as the position of the sun in the sky changes, the angle of incidence of its rays also changes.

An electric awning of a large brand will have standard dimensions, with a width between three and six meters and a length (depth) that can reach four meters. However, it should be remembered that it is also possible to acquire a custom model, especially if you have a terrace or balcony of unusual dimensions.

Full or semi-cassette?

The full electric cassette awning hides the entire fabric and its mechanisms inside a closed and elegant compartment, which is fixed to the wall above the terrace. When the motor is activated, the cassette opens and allows the fabric to unfold. This type of automatic awning is appealing for its highly aesthetic appearance, but also for practical reasons, since, being protected from the weather, the awning remains in perfect condition and offers a longer life.

The automatic semi-cassette or “partial box” awning also protects the fabric and engine parts from the weather. The upper casing, on the other hand, leaves the awning arms out in the open, which can lead to premature wear. In return, the semi-cassette awning is usually cheaper and, above all, easier to repair, thanks to its visible elements.

Manual or motorised?

The motorised models are predominant on the market, but the manual awning has not yet had its say and is still the preferred option for many households. This type of non-motorized equipment is much lighter, requiring less caution and offering fewer limitations in terms of support and fixing means. A manual model is usually operated by a crank, which allows the fabric to be easily rolled up and down in just a few seconds. The continued success of this type of model is also explained by the significant difference in price.

The manual awning is particularly recommended as a balcony awning, for small areas and occasional use.

What about the garden awning?

A PVC garden awning is a fixed structure that is useful to cover a more or less extensive area of your land and at the same time protect it from bad weather and sun. These models adapt easily to the smallest budgets and are perfect, among other things, to delimit spaces in the garden.

This type of eave canopy is easily fixed to a wall in your home or to the wall of a garden shelter using standard screws.

How much does an awning or garden shelter cost?

The purchase of a garden awning represents a considerable investment, so you should think twice about choosing the best model. If necessary, do not hesitate to consult a professional, who can also help you with the installation if you wish. The price range of a full or semi-cassette motor awning starts at 500-600 euros and can easily be doubled in high-end models.

As for the awnings, you can get a single model for less than 100 euros.