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In Hydrangea, Won’t You Give Up Camelie Azalee? Here’s What To Do.

It may happen that the soil of your garden is not suitable for some species of plants, which you would not want to give up. But you can adapt to it by finding some solutions. Continue the article! Many of you readers love to see and cultivate in your own garden, some plants of great […]

The Difference Between Bulbs, Rhizomes, Corms, Tubers And Tuberous Roots

Even if they have similar characteristics, calling them or knowing them all as bulbs is not correct. Let’s see why it is important to know what differentiates them. With the term bulb, we often enclose all species of flowering plants or horticultural, which have an underground organ that has the function of enclosing all the […]

Ants Invade Your Plants? Here Are The Causes.

Ants are small insects that often invade our plants, garden or terrace. Why? Follow the article and you will understand what their goal is and how to act. Ants are small insects present all over the world, belonging to the family of the order of the Hymenoptera. Each of us will have had the opportunity […]

Sowing At Home. That’s What It Takes To Get Good Results

Sowing in a greenhouse, seedbed or warm bed is done at home and is very simple. It is a process that allows us to reproduce our favorite seedlings or any other plant, saving a lot of money. Just retrieve the seeds from the plants in our garden, or buy sachets of seeds in garden shops, […]

Oidium, What is it? Prevention and Remedies

Powdery mildew or white mildew is a fungal disease of plants that can occur at any time and every year. Let’s see better what it is, how to prevent and remedy it before it is too late. What is Oidium? It is also called white malt or albugine and is a fungal disease that attacks […]