Plumbing problems are the most feared in the home: to scare – more than the work and time that will be required to remedy the malfunctions – is the cost that these interventions involve. Read toilet reviews. In some cases, however, you can run for cover without having to contact a technician: if the cistern in your toilet leaks, you must intervene promptly. Repairing it is less complicated than you might imagine. So here’s how to fix the toilet cistern.

How to fix the toilet cistern: tricks and solutions

To proceed with the repair of the toilet cistern you must first obtain some elements that will be used to replace any worn or damaged parts ; specifically you will need a new gasket and faucet. There are many different types of trays , but the operation is the same for all of them; the mechanism, in itself, is not complicated, so any problem can be solved even without being an expert in the sector .

First, open the tray and check the water level : inside the tray there is a tube that has the shape of an inverted U and if the water exceeds the curve of the U ,the float valve causes the leak . If, on the other hand, the level is below, the problem is to be attributed to the battery , or more precisely to the gasket of the latter . Before intervening, remember to close the central water tap, in order to avoid other leaks during operations.

The float is attached to a faucet and – if it has broken – it must be replaced . The procedure is simple: just unscrew the nuts with which it is connected inside the box, mount the new tap in its place and screw the nuts back on . Simple, isn’t it? To verify that everything is back in place,open the central tap and flush the toilet: if you see that the water reaches a normal level, the problem is solved .

In the event that the malfunction depends on the battery , you can replace the gasket that is located at the bottom of the system and closes the drain . Usually, in fact, it is the gasket itself that creates problems, because it is old and worn, or it is the accumulation of impurities that forms right at the bottom of the battery. Once you’ve cleaned everything and replaced the gasket, your toilet cistern will work perfectly again .