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Cornflower, Sowing and Cultivation

Cornflower, also known as Centaura, is especially appreciated for the elegance of its blue, purple flowers. Let’s see how to cultivate and sow this plant. Cornflower is a perennial herbaceous plant native to North Europe, America and Asia. The scientific name is Centaurea cyanus and belongs to the Asteraceae family. Cornflower is a truly elegant […]

Surfinie Or Petunias: Beautiful Balcony Plants Also Known As Potunias

To give our garden, but especially our balcony or terrace, a cascade of fragrant flowers, the surfinie are the ideal choice. Very resistant and with very compact foliage, these plants give our balconies a touch of colour with abundant flowering in spring. Let’s get to know this type of plant better. Surfinia is nothing more […]

Herbaceous, Woody And Semi-woody Cutting. Multiply The Plant

Cuttings are one of the simplest and most successful methods of plant multiplication. In this post we see the herbaceous, woody and semi-woody cuttings, the characteristics and how to make them. Cuttings are an excellent method used to multiply a vegetative species, including our favorite garden and balcony plants. This method is very simple, used […]

La Mimosa: Flower As Bright And Tenacious As The Woman

Mimosa is the flower that symbolizes Women’s Day, and everyone knows that. But perhaps you don’t know that mimosa can be easily grown in the garden, or even on a pot on the terrace. Mimosa is a plant native to the Australian continent, arrived in Europe in the early 1800s and adapted very well to […]